Luxury Hotels in Dubai

Why so many luxury hotels in Dubai?

  • Dubai has oil & gas money to invest in Dubai's hotel industry future.
  • Dubai is an airline stop-over between Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa and emerging rich oil states south of Russia. Dubai airport is a destination for many airlines.
  • Dubai hotel pool side or near a Dubai beach is a nice warm place to escape European winters and Australian / NZ winters.
  • Prize money is attracting high class sporting events and other Dubai events. Top sports professionals like the comfort and service of luxury hotels Dubai style.
  • Arabic culture mixed with cultures world wide give tolerant modern Dubai an edge over the austere form of Islamic Wahabism, which is influential in places like Saudi Arabia. Yes you can buy a beer in a Dubai hotel but outside the hotel I recommend respect privacy of married Moslem women, drink and dress code of UAE's Islamic religion.

luxury hotels Dubai

Business Travel Conference Venue

Luxury hotels in Dubai attract a business travellers to the growing number of conference venues in Dubai hotels and near Dubai hotels.  Incentive travel to Dubai hotels is increasing as more business travellers discover the benefits of meeting business delegates mid way in the Middle East. No longer are business executives expected to travel to Europe. Compromise is the new order.

Family Holiday Accommodation Hotel Dubai

Many luxury hotels in Dubai, are out of reach of families looking for cheap hotels in Dubai but with a bit of luxury and service use our online Hotel Dubai booking reservations service to find, compare prices and star ratings of Dubai holiday hotels near Dubai beaches or hotels near Abu Dhabi or near Sharja in other locations of the UAE.

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Holiday Hotel Accommodation Dubai

While there are many luxurious hotels in Dubai there are cheap hotels in Dubai catering for discount family holidays from 66 per room night with great Dubai hotel service. The army of expatriate hotel workers from Asia make for fully serviceed hotel apartments in Dubai.  Not only will you discover Arabian culture but that of many Asian countries such as India, Pakistan and the Philippines. Asian restaurants are near most hotels in Dubai.  Arabian desert tours to tent camps near an oasis can be arranged by your hotel in Dubai.

A benefit in staying at a hotel in Dubai is it's easy to remember the hotel manager's first name which is likely "Mohammed" and so too is that of his hotel staff and most males in Dubai are named Mohammed. Ref: Culture.